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About me

When I published my first post I never thought that this blog will last all these years. The third anniversary of writing is behind me. During this time I posted more than 500 recipes for soups, starters, main dishes or cakes and desserts. When  somewhere between 2008/2009 my cooking adventure started I often used many ready solutions. Conscious cooking came with time and with it a variety of culinary experiments. Blog was supposed to be my notebook, a way of not  getting lost in the mass of written pages. Over the years  blog has changed with me, we matured together. Cooking, photography and collecting old items of tableware has become my great passion. Blog has become my friend, accompanied me in both – better and the worst moments of my life.
I hope you will find here a moment of calm and a little of inspiration. I encourage you also to share with me your culinary joys and sorrows. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

IMG 4175 200x300 About me

Happy reading!
Bogusia Rybarczyk